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Data Physics Corporation Adds 60 kN Shaker to SignalForce Line of Electrodynamic Shakers

San Jose, California, May 9, 2013 – Data Physics Corporation today announced the release of the SignalForce model LE-1316-3/DSA10-100K Electrodynamic Shaker System, a shock and vibration test system that provides higher force and displacement capability in an air cooled package. Extending the force and displacement of the SignalForce air cooled shakers allows engineers to perform environmental shock and vibration tests without requiring water cooling.

The new air cooled shaker is capable of 13,500 lbf (60 kN) for sine and random. The shaker, whose operating frequency ranges up to 3 kHz, can produce a maximum displacement of 3.0 inch (76.2 mm) peak-to-peak and a maximum continuous operating velocity of 79 ips (2.0 m/s).

Newer standards emerging from the aerospace, military, and automotive industries require this extended displacement for high level shock and harsh, low frequency random tests. Enabling users to perform these tests on air cooled shakers results in a cost savings compared to using water cooled shakers.

“The 1316 shaker at 60 kN makes the SignalForce line more competitive and provides more capability than the competition. Along with the increase in available force and displacement, proprietary flexures combined with dual bearings provide superior cross axis and rotational stiffness,” said Kevin McIntosh, Director of Product Management for the SignalForce and SignalSound product lines. “The 1316-3 is made right here in our Corona, California manufacturing facility. In fact, all of our shakers are made in the USA or UK to ensure a high level of quality.”

The shaker comes equipped with a cast and hand-wound armature, opto-pneumatic load support and dual bearing axial guidance. Dual bearing guidance is a unique feature that helps to reduce the amount of dynamic cross axis and rotational motion in the shaker armature during test. Additionally, the armature for the LE-1316-3 shaker is cast, not welded or assembled, for superior durability.

The LE-1316-3/DSA10-100K shaker’s complete performance specifications are:

  • Maximum Sine Force: 13,500 lbs (60 kN)
  • Maximum Random Force (rms): 13,500 lbs (60 kN)
  • Maximum Transient Displacement: 3.0 in (76.2 mm) peak-to-peak
  • Maximum Continuous Displacement: 2.5 in (63.5 mm for sine)  peak-to-peak
  • Maximum Velocity: 79 ips (2.0 m/s)
  • Maximum Acceleration: 100g (981 m/s2)
  • Armature Diameter: 17.25 in (438 mm)
  • Armature Mass: 135 lbs (61.3 kg)
  • Operating Frequency: 5-3000 Hz
  • Static Load Support: 1500 lbs (680 kgs)
  • Stray Magnetic Field: 5 gauss (< 0.5 mT)
  • Facility Requirements: 125 kVA
  • Uncrated Weight: 7000 lbs  (3175 kg)

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Download the LE-1316-3/DSA10-100K data sheet in SignalForce Library section.

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