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900 Series

Introducing the New Data Physics Abacus 900 Series Vibration Controller

The release of SignalCalc 900 Series controller software adds affordable, high performance vibration control to the Data Physics 900 Series hardware platform. The SignalCalc test suite provides a seamless environment for simultaneous vibration control and signal analysis.

900 Series Hardware:

The 901 is an ultra-portable system well-suited for field use.  Multiple systems can be combined for larger tests.

  • Six input/output channels
  • Passive cooling eliminates fan noise
  • Power over Ethernet
  • Remote and autonomous operation

The 906 is a compact, durable system for both lab and field applications. Multiple 906 and 901 systems can be combined to create larger systems.

  • Up to 36 inputs/outputs per chassis
  • Quiet mode for acoustic applications
  •  Flexible input/output configuration

Software Applications:

  • Random Vibration Control
  • Sine Vibration Control
  • Shock Vibration Control
  • General FFT Analysis
  • Data Acquisition and Recording
  • Structural Analysis

Simplified User Interface

  • The SignalCalc 900 Series user interface simplifies test setup and run time operations. Enter test profile and the configuration wizard automatically sets up associated control and measurement parameters. Import shaker parameters from a large database of standard models to verify test feasibility. All setup, project, test article, and customer information is saved along with measurement data in a database. Easily search for data from different test runs and test types for analysis and report generation.

Enhanced Signal Analysis Tools

  • The SignalCalc 900 Series has a unique ability to add signal analysis measurements to a vibration control test. For example, narrowband FFT, third octave, and histogram measurements can run simultaneously with the vibration control test. These measurements are configured using independent sample rates, bandwidths, block sizes, etc. Independent acquisition, analysis and control systems with separate hardware are no longer required. Signal analysis measurements are immediately available, removing the delay of waiting for post processing of recorded data.  Learn more about the 900 Series Dynamic Signal Analyzer.

User-Defined Real Time Signal Processing

  • SignalCalc 900 Series signal processing tools set includes user-defined custom signal processing. These algorithms are processed during the test in real-time using the embedded digital signal processors in the 901 hardware. The results of these algorithms may be displayed during the test and saved with test data.

User defined signal processing options include:

  • Channel Math – Creation of “User Channels” using mathematical operations on time domain signals from input channels: Integration, Differentiation, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division of Channel, Matrix Math, Low Pass, High Pass and Band Pass Filtering.
  • Signal Math – Creation of “User Signals” using mathematical operations on processed time and frequency domain signals: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, FFT, IFFT, CFFT, ICFFT.

Read the complete 900 Series brochure by downloading it below:

Download 900 Series Brochure

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