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High Intensity Acoustic Power Generation

High Intensity Acoustic Power Generation

Many applications require very high excitation sources to simulate situations such as blast off, rocket fire, or high air velocity conditions. Traditional vibration tables cannot deliver sufficient energy for these test conditions, and acoustic generation is most often used.

For these tests, high amplitude acoustic power is often directed or amplified using either a reverberant chamber or progressive wave tube arrangement. High precision acoustic power generators (sometimes referred to as an electro-pneumatic transducer or EPT, EPT-200, and EPT-1094) are used to cover a wide range of frequencies at staggering levels.

Acoustic Control Systems

Historically, high amplitude acoustic systems, or acoustic control systems, were controlled manually with a graphic equalizer and power amplifier. The use of single output closed-loop random controllers then became the norm to ensure the proper amount of broadband energy. Today, Data Physics offers true multi-signal control in the octave domain with a single system.

Reverberant Acoustic Test Facilities (RATFs) are typically more difficult to control than simple wave tubes. These facilities are often used to subject spacecraft to the simulated acoustic field of a rocket launch. The test article is placed in a reverberant chamber and high intensity acoustic energy is generated to excite the test article. An acoustic control system is used for closed loop control of the acoustic power generators based on an array of microphones inside the reverberant acoustic chamber. The acoustic controller generates the shaped random noise signal to drive the acoustic power generators. Feedback signals from the microphones are used to adjust the drive signals to produce the desired frequency dependent acoustic levels.

Because acoustics are largely still octave based, SignalStar Acoustic Controllers offer octave based closed loop control with the same dynamic performance as a random controller. Additionally, a single output controller is not suitable for applications with acoustic emitters that cover different frequency bands. Leveraging the unparalleled multishaker control capability in the SignalStar Matrix controller, SignalStar Acoustic Controllers are able to control multiple acoustic generators with different signals that are individually, and dynamically, adjusted to provide the desired acoustic energy to the test. Learn more about SignalStar Vibration Controllers.

Acoustic Power Generators

Data Physics offers Acoustic Power Generators to cover both low and high frequency use. These acoustic power generators, or APGs, were once commonly called electro-pneumatic transducers, EPT, EPT-200, or EPT-1094.

The SignalForce model for high frequency generation, model LE-APG-10K, has very high acoustic outputs used in concert with forced air flow. With a high frequency modulation of 1.25 kHz, energy can be made available at higher frequency based on the design of the test facility. Lower frequency modulated versions are available with a maximum modulation of 200 Hz. Learn more about SignalForce Acoustic Power Generators.

In addition to offering sophisticated dynamic generation component for acoustic test facilities, Data Physics also has the expertise and capability to design, fabricate, and install the entire acoustic test system.