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Realtime Octave and Third Octave

Realtime Octave and Third Octave

Acoustic standards are relative to standards that were developed in the early days of acoustic measurement. These standards are most often based on filtered octave or third octave data, and there is still the need to filter data in the same fashion as was done since the development of these standards.

Realtime octave and third octave filters analyze a signal and measure energy at the output to give pertinent frequency data. The Data Physics SignalCalc Realtime Octave Analysis option provides time based realtime octave band and 1/3 octave band measurements. Additionally, 1/n octaves can be post processed for requirements that need 1/6 octave, 1/12 octave, and 1/24 octave band spectral analysis.

SignalCalc Dynamics Signal Analyzers are an excellent platform to obtain filtered octave based measurements along with spectral based measurements. Additionally the octave data will meet all of the IEC and ANSI specifications for octave filters. Learn more about SignalCalc Dynamic Signal Analyzers.