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Underwater Acoustic Testing

Underwater Acoustic Testing

Underwater acoustic testing usually involves the generation of complex signal configurations that mimic the acoustic signature of a ship, submarine, or torpedo. Most often this is used for the evaluation of sonar system performance, but is also used for training and counter measures.

However, any application requiring underwater acoustic generation or underwater vibration generation can be performed with SignalSound exciters. Data Physics can provide underwater acoustic testing turnkey systems for applications ranging from minesweeping to oceanographic research.

Acoustic Range Calibration

Acoustic range calibration, or acoustic ranges, is used for the measurement of a vessel’s acoustic signature so that mechanical defects that enhance that signature can be eliminated. The calibration of these ranges requires accurate, wide band projector systems with a low frequency capability. Data Physics SignalSound calibration system has a very wide band capability with excellent beam patterns for the calibration of acoustic ranges and acoustic data gathering installations.

Sonar Signal Generation and Measurement

Data Physics SignalSound systems are able to generate all the narrow band lines, broad band noise, modulation effects and transients that are associated with the acoustic signatures of ships and submarines. SignalSound can also generate sonar pulses as an echo repeater to interact with active sonar.

Sonar Training

Sonar training is performed principally for the operators of passive sonar so they can learn to identify the acoustic signatures of submarines and ships, to be able to differentiate between different platforms, and to be able to track and prosecute a target. Data Physics can offer a range of towed acoustic targets, static targets, and acoustic enhancements for ships and submarines to augment their normal signature.


Minesweeping involves detecting and disposing mines, and a minesweeper is a naval warship designed to negate the threat posed by naval mines. Data Physics produces a high power, very low frequency acoustic projector system that may be used as part of a combined sweep or multi-influence sweep system. These signal generators and underwater noise generators are designed to include long term operation and survivability.

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