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When the center of mass of a rotating element does not coincide with its axis of rotation, a condition of unbalance exists. The force generated by this unbalance is proportional to the square of the rotational frequency. If the amount of unbalance exceeds permissible levels, even small increases in operating speeds of the rotor can lead to significant increases in vibration levels.

This condition can only be corrected by accurately measuring the vibration response of the rotor at its fundamental frequency and following a series of steps designed to determine the amount of unbalance and adding (or subtracting) an appropriate amount of compensating mass at the necessary locations.

SignalCalc Balancing offers an elegant, easy to use solution for the balancing of rotors of any rotating machine. The application is offered in a choice of single plane balancing, dual plane balancing, or multiplane balancing options and is available to run on the highly portable and rugged Quattro platform or the powerful Abacus platform.

Access SignalCalc Dynamic Signal Analyzer Literature and the SignalCalc Balancing Data Sheet