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Event Capture and Diagnostic Triggering

Event Capture and Diagnostic Triggering

Real world evaluation of a wide range of reciprocating signals, and even transient events, may call for a sophisticated triggering setup to capture the “event”. It is also often helpful to collect and analyze data leading up to the event.

SignalCalc analyzers offer an Event Capture feature that is flexibility and control over the capturing the defined events. Time and frequency domain signals, including frequency response functions, may be used to characterize the nature of a given process. A variety of statistics, over multiple frequency ranges, can be used to setup multiple trigger conditions.

Event triggering used for diagnostics involves a wide range of trigger criteria that helps the user identify an event accurately. Users may also specify the amount of pre-trigger delay prior to an event for the recording, or even define the minimum length of data capture following the triggering of an event. A convenient auto-start test allows users to wait until specified start criteria are sensed before auto-starting the event detection process. The system can even be instructed to ignore isolated events and capture only repeated events, eliminating false triggers.

Event capture brings to process and condition monitoring the ability to harness simultaneous multi-channel signal processing, highly evolved statistical definitions of event triggers, robust data recording, along with the high sampling rates and unmatched dynamic range of Data Physics SignalCalc Analyzers – all in one easy to use package.