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Production and Quality Testing

Production and Quality Testing

Production testing or end-of-line testing on rotating equipment can vary in scope, and it is common in testing everything from small motors used for appliances to extremely large turbomachinery.

Electric motors lend themselves to vibration testing for quality during the production phase. A simple spin up of the motor can quickly determine many defects of the motor including noisy bearings, wire rub, rotor strike, mylar strike, pad drag, and rotor cap. Similar successes in rooting out defects have been performed with other rotating equipment such as gears, bearings, and fans. These applications benefit greatly from the ability to use many different criteria and complex conditional tests for analyzing system defects. SignalCalc analyzers have a wide scope of options that allow for customization, digital and serial I/O, and even statistical analysis for production level pass/fail testing.

Customers often require vibration specifications and benchmarking on completion of large scale turbomachinery, pumps, and generators. This benchmarking allows the end users to compare performance over time for predictive maintenance and to compare the performance of the equipment after repair or rebuild. This type of large scale factory acceptance test is common and often uses Data Physics SignalCalc Turbo.

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