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Turbomachinery and Rotordynamics Testing

Turbomachinery and Rotordynamics Testing

In-service failure of critical turbomachinery in power generation and process industry applications can be costly due to the high cost of unplanned down time. Turbomachinery vibration analysis, or turbomachinery analysis, aimed at pinpointing and avoiding potential failures on these large, high-speed, multi-span rotor systems is often complex, requiring sophisticated data acquisition hardware and advanced software functions. SignalCalc Dynamic Signal Analyzers provide vibration measurement, rotational phase detection, multiple tachometer inputs, tracking filters, shaft orbital motion and position measurement, plus a wide array of time and frequency domain display features dedicated to this task.

SignalCalc Turbo is a powerful turbomachinery vibration analyzer used for machinery diagnostics on virtually any type of rotating machinery. Turbo has a full suite of capabilities for diagnostics of fluid-film bearing machines instrumented with proximity probes.  The most fundamental measurements defining shaft relative motion and radial position are derived from pairs of proximity probe displacement transducers placed orthogonally at each bearing location. For fast and effective diagnostics of misalignment and other machinery malfunctions, SignalCalc Turbo provides the necessary measurement and graphical tools to display both shaft orbital motion and position data from each proximity probe pair. Accurate diagnosis of unbalance, misalignment, rubs, mechanical looseness, and many other turbomachinery malfunctions often requires careful measurement and interpretation of vibration characteristics to correctly isolate and diagnose root cause.

Because subtle differences between symptoms can often lead the analyst to different conclusions, SignalCalc Turbo delivers the advanced analysis techniques required to isolate and accurately determine malfunction root cause.  SignalCalc Turbo is used by top industry experts and trusted by many more for rotating equipment vibration analysis.  Learn more about SignalCalc Turbo.