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Structural Vibration Testing

Structural Vibration Testing

From advanced modal analysis acquisition on over a thousand channels of data to single channel ground vibration measurements, Data Physics 900 Series Dynamic Signal Analyzers provide a state-of-the-art solution, in the form of structural testing equipment, for structural tests and vibration measurement and analysis.

The essence of any dynamic signal analyzer is converting electrical signals from transducers to measured digital signals for analysis. Once properly converted, a variety of analysis and displays are possible. The most common processing on dynamic data is to perform realtime FFT analysis to convert the data to the frequency domain. Conversion to the frequency domain may provide a much clearer picture for analysis, and consequently most dynamic data is best viewed in the frequency domain.

Data Physics 900 Series Dynamic Signal Analyzers provide a powerful range of functions for fast, accurate, and easy to use time and frequency domain measurements for structural tests. The standard software offers a comprehensive set of measurements including time domain acquisition, transient capture, linear spectra, auto power spectra, magnitude spectra, synchronous average, power spectral density, transfer function, coherence, rpm spectra, correlation, histogram, probability distribution, and probability density.

Data Physics 900 Series Dynamic Signal Analyzers are flexible enough to be used for simple resonance surveys to complex naval propulsion system analyses.

While the list of possible uses for frequency analysis has no end, many applications are more common than others. Explore more dynamic analysis applications: