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Environmental Stress Screening

Environmental Stress Screening

Environmental stress screening (ESS) is a process in which products from the production line are subjected to thermal and/or vibration stresses to reduce the likelihood of early life field failures by forcing them to occur at testing in the factory. The surviving product will be assumed to have higher confidence of survivability and reliability. ESS is often called acceptance testing, production testing, or production screening.

Data Physics supplies base level vibration controllers and electrodynamic shakers that are suitable for most environmental stress screening vibration applications.  The SignalStar Scalar Vibration Controller is particularly well suited for environmental stress screening tests. The system can operate as an instrument simply by connecting a keyboard, mouse, and monitor – making it ideal for factory level test benches. Additionally, SignalStar controllers offer digital I/O and Active-X integration to allow the communication and customization that is often required for these applications.

SignalForce Electrodynamic Shakers are manufactured with reliability and strength of product in mind, which is essential for production level applications that are continuously running.

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