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Press Release: SignalCalc Turbo Software Update Version 2.0 Released

San Jose, CA — April 30, 2015 – Data Physics Corporation has announced availability of the latest release of SignalCalc Turbo software. SignalCalc Turbo is an advanced, portable turbomachinery vibration analyzer that continues to gain world-wide acceptance with turbomachinery manufacturers, industrial end-users, and consultants. With new capabilities for the advanced analyst in this release, SignalCalc Turbo solidifies its position as a top-tier critical rotating machinery diagnostics system while maintaining ease-of-use and appeal to both new users and experienced users migrating from other systems.

Advanced Techniques for Turbomachinery Vibration Analysis - Data Physics Corporation

SignalCalc Turbo with Abacus Hardware


The latest version of SignalCalc Turbo, version 2.0, contains a significant number of new features and improvements. Noteworthy enhancements include:

  • Fixed Band Pass Filtering: Up to two user-programmable fixed band pass filters are now available for custom filter measurements.
  • Virtual Probe Rotation: Machine response can now be viewed in vibration planes other than the plane of installed sensors, by displaying vector transform results from virtual rotation of orthogonal sensor pairs through a user-specified angle.
  • Master Phase Trigger Switching: The user can now switch the master Phase Trigger to another tachometer source without interrupting acquisition, in order to capture overlapping startups/shutdowns on multiple machine trains.
  • Acquisition Start Trigger Options: Acquisition can now be set to stop, pause, or reset upon machine speed crossing outside of the user-defined range.
  • Live Overlays: Comparison of current data and historical data can now be made “live” during acquisition.


Virtual Probe Rotation - Data Physics Corporation

Virtual Probe Rotation


This SignalCalc Turbo software update is available free of charge to all current customers that are under warranty or support, and the software is provided as part of any future SignalCalc Turbo analyzer purchases.



About Data Physics Corporation

Established in 1984, Data Physics is a worldwide supplier of high performance test and measurement solutions for noise and vibration applications. Data Physics designs, manufactures and markets all the hardware and software for its complete line of SignalCalc Dynamic Signal Analyzers, SignalStar Vibration Control Systems, and SignalForce Electrodynamic Shakers.

For more information about SignalCalc Turbo or Data Physics Corporation visit the
Data Physics Turbo Web Page.

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