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Web Seminar: Questions About Shaker Test Systems

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Questions About Shaker Test Systems
Tuesday, July 29, 2014. 10am (Pacific Time, USA).

Alfred Johnson, Applications Engineer, will present a web seminar involving shaker systems. Have you ever wanted to know, “Why are certain items important when it comes to your test system?” Well, Alfred Johnson of Data Physics will be conducting a web seminar explaining why certain topics are important when utilizing a specific type test system. For instance, “Why is the location of your test system important?”

Alfred Johnson is currently an Applications Engineer for Data Physics. Alfred has worked at Data Physics for 6 years and has worked in the vibration industry for a total of 27 years. He has experience in designing and manufacturing vibration test equipment. For the last four years he has been responsible for testing shaker systems and making sure they meet proper specifications prior to shipping. Some of the test experience includes conducting dual shaker tests in the horizontal and vertical axes. All of this empirical test experience has provided Alfred the opportunity to correlate his many years of designing fixturing and test equipment (theoretical).

Questions About Shaker Test Systems - Data Physics Corporation

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