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Web Seminar: Kinematic Transformation for Matrix Multishaker Control on Thursday, June 6, 2013


Kinematic Transformation can be very useful in multi degree of freedom (DOF) vibration testing. Kinematic Transformation uses rigid body kinematics to transform multiple measurements or drive signals to the rigid body translation and rotation degrees of freedom. This enables the transformation of an array of linear acceleration measurements to an equivalent set of rigid body accelerations.

Kinematic Transformation has several benefits:

  • Kinematic transformation is necessary if a 6 DOF test is specified in the form of rigid body translations in each axis (X, Y, Z) and rotations about each axis (Θx, Θy, Θz).
  • When performing 3 axis vibration testing on a six DOF table, it is convenient to define the test using Kinematic Transformation. The desired vibration profiles are entered for the three translations and the rotations are set to be minimized using the “Control Null” type in the channel settings.
  • Kinematic Transformation provides the ability to calculate the vibration response at another location using rigid body assumptions. This is beneficial when a control transducer in the laboratory must be at a location that was not measured in the field data.
  • Kinematic Transformation in multi DOF testing is the ability to reduce the rank of the control matrix, when there are more shakers or control accelerometers than control degrees of freedom.
  • Kinematic transformation can be extended to include flexible modes of the table when actuators and sensors are appropriately located.

Thomas Reilly, Director of Product Management, SignalCalc and SignalStar, will present this web seminar on kinematic transformation. The seminar will cover the basics of kinematic transformation for multishaker control and how it is used in typical situations. Examples of real world application of kinematic transformation to multi degree of freedom vibration testing will be given.


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