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Simultaneous Time Data Throughput and Dynamic Measurement

Simultaneous Time Data Throughput

Many dynamic measurement applications benefit greatly from realtime analysis and realtime results in the frequency domain. However, some measurements may require processing in multiple domains or with multiple different processing settings. Some tests require an archive of the raw time data in the test. For these reasons all SignalCalc Dynamic Signal Analysers and SignalStar Vibration Controllers are capable of recording the live time data parallel to any processing or control tasks.

More importantly, the recorded throughput data can be recorded at maximum bandwidth, despite the bandwidth of the processed data. This task is possible because the distributed architecture of the Abacus provides a local throughput disk on each chassis. The throughput disk can store the raw time data, or it can be sent over the LAN connection to a PC for post processing or export.

A sophisticated triggering application, or event capturing application, allows users to setup multiple triggering events and take advantage of cyclic buffers to record data prior to the event capture. Learn more about Event Capture and Diagnostic Triggering.

Explore Data Physics SignalCalc Dynamic Signal Analysers and SignalStar Vibration Controllers for simultaneous time data throughput and dynamic measurement applications.