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Critical Safety Features for Satellite Vibration Testing

The Data Physics 900 Series vibration controller: Uniquely designed to mitigate risks

during testing.

Data Physics 900 Series vibration controller: Uniquely designed to mitigate risks.

The primary objective of satellite vibration testing in the laboratory environment is to validate

survivability of flight hardware during launch. But structural vibration testing of a precision-

engineered satellite also introduces risk of failure modes that could damage flight hardware

during testing.

To mitigate these risks, Data Physics developed the 900 Series Vibration Controller with

advanced, built-in safety features that protect valuable test articles from potentially

damaging transients given an abort, by insuring safe ramp down of the shaker system.

Shaker drive voltage shutdown profile after complete loss of facility power.

Controller output, shaker

response, and amplifier drive

voltage ramp down following

loss of 480 V power.

When integrated with Data Physics’ Soft Shutdown amplifiers and shakers, the controller

can even safely ramp down a shaker system given a complete loss of 480 V facility power.

The James Webb Space Telescope was successfully tested with vibration systems specially designed by Data Physics and Team Corporation that incorporated advanced safety features.

Info sheet: Mitigating risks during satellite qualification testing

To learn more about the proven safety

features of the 900 Series Vibration

Controller, download our info sheet:

Find more in depth information on our Satellite Qualification and Vibration Testing page.