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Civil Engineering

Civil engineers work on a variety of projects where measurement quality is critical. Engineers come from a variety of specializations including construction, earthquake, environmental, geotechnical, materials, transportation, water resource, and urban engineering.

Ground and transportation vibration measurements are often evaluated for sensitive structures and the isolation of scientific or sensitive manufacturing equipment. These vibration levels are often very low in amplitude and require accurate measurement using instruments with low noise floors and high dynamic range. Leading geotechnical engineers also employ the use of Data Physics systems for a variety of soil and structural test measurements. Field portable measurement systems with realtime analysis and simultaneous time recording make SignalCalc Dynamic Signal Analyzers the ideal choice for all civil engineering dynamic measurements.

Critical structures such as bridges, dams, and large buildings often undergo a variety of tests including structural testing. Using various inputs such as shaker trucks or impact hammers, engineers in the field look at dynamics of large structures. In addition to dynamic signal analysis, Data Physics offers a range of Inertial and Modal Shakers. These shakers provide an alternative means of excitation, often to higher frequencies. Inertial shakers are available up to 56 lbf and modal shakers are available up to 475 lbf.