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Independent Environmental Test

Although nearly every electronic and dynamic product undergoes shock and vibration tests, often on both the system and component level, many companies choose to outsource that work to independent environmental test laboratories. These labs simulate all external and internal conditions (such as temperature, humidity, radiation, magnetic and electric fields, shock vibration, etc.) either natural or manmade, or self-induced, that influences the form, performance, reliability, or survival of an object.

Many leading environmental test laboratories employ Data Physics instruments to achieve superior results. Data Physics precision instruments are well-suited for the diverse and changing nature of environmental test lab work, laboratory vibration testing, and are flexible in function and scale. Nearly every product that Data Physics manufactures is in use at independent environmental test labs around the world. Explore Data Physics Products and Solutions.

Many independent test laboratories are very concerned with keeping old equipment operating. Additionally these labs run varied tests and often stretch the limits of their equipment. Data Physics worldwide service organization is able to provide service and parts for shakers of nearly every brand. Learn more about shock and vibration tests and electrodynamic shaker and amplifier repairs, service, and parts.