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Military and Defence

The worldwide defence industry is a highly competitive and innovative industry made up of commercial and government entities. Testing and analysis is vital for the defence industry due to the high stakes involved. The military needs to transport and store highly dangerous materials, electronics need to function, and vehicles need to perform as expected. These conditions make noise and vibration testing critical.

High Channel Count Noise and Vibration Measurement in the Defence Industry

Engineers at leading military facilities and suppliers frequently use Data Physics SignalStar Dynamic Signal Analyzers for applications ranging from rotating machinery analysis of components to large channel count modal analysis, acoustic tests, and ground vibration tests (GVT). Learn more about SignalCalc Dynamic Signal Analyzers.

Many military applications are not concerned with the comfort levels or noise of the equipment being used. However for some equipment, such as submarines, it is critical. Vibration signatures from the driveline or auxiliary equipment can be the difference between being noticed or not. Leading US submarine facilities use high channel count Data Physics SignalCalc Dynamic Signal Analyzers for exactly this type of analysis. The DSP centric nature of the analyzers allows the hardware to simultaneously measure throughout the vehicle connecting only by network cable. Learn more about the SignalCalc Savant system for high channel count testing.

Vibration Testing in the Defence Industry

Military equipment suppliers as well as test facilities inside of military organizations frequently do vibration testing to assess survivability of electronics, systems, munitions, and entire vehicles. Although government programs often have specific test specifications, many military applications rely on MIL-STD 810 and NATO AECTP-400 for guidance. See Military Standard Testing for more information.

Vibration qualification tests, stress screening tests, and R&D tests are not only beneficial for the reliability of products, but often a required for various defence programs. Data Physics offers vibration test equipment for basic production test all the way to systems designed specifically for large scale aerospace applications. SignalForce Electrodynamic Shakers and SignalStar Vibration Controllers are commonly used for these tests.

Multishaker tests are often run on extremely large payloads or for multiple degree of freedom simulation. Whether the application is large channel count vibration control or multi-shaker control, SignalStar Matrix Vibration Controllers are specifically designed for these demanding applications.

Traditional vibration tables are not able to generate the energy needed to accurately reproduce many blast off and high air velocity conditions. For these tests, high amplitude acoustic power is generally needed using either a reverberant chamber or tube arrangement. High precision acoustic power generators (sometimes referred to as an electro-pneumatic transducer or EPT) are used to cover a wide range of frequencies at staggering levels. Data Physics offers High Intensity Acoustic Power Generators to cover both low and high frequency use.

Underwater Sound Generation and Measurement

Underwater acoustic generation and test systems are often used by the world’s Navies for calibration of acoustic ranges, sonar signal generation and measurement, sonar training, and even mine sweeping. Data Physics SignalSound series of products is designed to do just these things. Learn more about SignalSound Underwater Sound Source and Measurement Systems.