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Oceanographic and Sonar

Sonar, or SOund Navigation And Ranging, uses both active and passive means to identify ships and submarines at sea. Data Physics specializes in the design and manufacturing of low frequency acoustic projectors, and their associated electronic and handling systems, to simulate the acoustic signatures of ships, submarines, and underwater weapons.

SignalSound systems are used by naval forces and ship builders to train sonar operators and to test the performance envelope of a platform’s ASW capabilities. They can also be used for calibrating acoustic ranges and acoustic data gathering systems. The systems are even now used for aiding in mine sweeping. Learn more about SignalSound.

SignalCalc Dynamic Signal Analysers are also commonly used for underwater acoustic applications. Measurement of hydrophone arrays is not uncommon, and special software features such as frequency domain correction and measurement pass through are available. Whether used for measuring a full hydrophone array or as a troubleshooting tool for such a system, SignalCalc Dynamic Signal Analysers offer a solution.