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Off-Highway Machinery

Off-highway machinery includes many forms of construction equipment, agricultural equipment, and off-highway vehicles such as ATVs and snow mobiles. Vehicles and machinery that are intended to operate in rugged terrain must be able to handle those environments, and this often calls for more than just brute force design.

Noise and Vibration Measurement

Dynamic signal analysers are the tools most commonly used for NVH, acoustic test, structural test, and rotating signal analysis. Consequently, SignalCalc Dynamic Signal Analysers are common tools found in both development and manufacturing of many types of machinery.
Additionally many standards, such as the European Commission’s Directive 2000/14/EC, regulate the noise on the environment by equipment for use outdoors. These standards require sound power testing to certify that the equipment meets the standard. Learn more about using SignalCalc Dynamic Signal Analysers for Sound Power Testing.

Vibration Testing

Vibration testing for qualification, product verification, and R&D are not only beneficial for the reliability of products, but often required of component manufacturers by off-highway OEMs. Data Physics offers a full array of vibration test systems for durability tests and vibration tests. Whether the application is with combined thermal testing or on a standalone shaker, SignalForce Electrodynamic Shakers and SignalStar Vibration Controllers used together are a high quality solution for any vibration test application.

Although Random vibration testing has many advantages, the majority of durability tests for ground vehicles are done with multishaker time replication. Hydraulic and electrodynamic multishaker tests are common to reproduce the desired degrees of freedom. Whether it is full 6 DOF control or something less, the SignalStar Matrix Controller is designed to handle multishaker control for time replication, realtime random control, and realtime swept sine control.