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SignalCalc Ace

Ultra-Portable, Cost-Effective, Dynamic Signal Analysers

The SignalCalc Ace weighs just over a pound, and packs an unprecedented signal

processing punch: four input channels, two output channels, one tachometer channel, 40 kHz

standard realtime rate (94 kHz optional), and over 120 dB dynamic range. Ace transforms any

Notebook computer into a high precision dynamic signal analyser, one that can travel with

you and work professionally — even in the absence of line power.

  • 4 input channels, 2 sources SignalCalc
  • Dedicated high speed tachometer input
  • 120 dB dynamic range
  • 40 kHz realtime bandwidth (94 kHz optional)
  • Intuitive software interface
  • Rugged and reliable design

Powered by Quattro

Portable and rugged, the SignalCalc Ace is powered by the Quattro hardware platform. Quattro provides USB 2.0 connectivity to a host PC or laptop and is completely bus powered. With realtime analysis capability from DC to 93 kHz (204.8 kHz optional sample rate), the Quattro provides 32 bit floating-point DSPs. All inputs are coupled to dedicated 24 bit sigma-delta ADCs while both outputs have 24 bit DACs. Integral anti-aliasing filters protect the inputs and outputs. This horsepower provides over 120 dB dynamic range with up to 94 kHz real-time rate.

Perfect for any Application

Quattro, with 4 inputs, 2 outputs, and a dedicated tachometer input, provides a powerful backbone for the most demanding applications. Ace performs analysis in the time, frequency, order and amplitude domains. Use synchronous averaging to recover repetitive events buried in noise. Correlate signals to discover their similarity and temporal alignment. Use FFT spectrum analysis to identify dominant frequencies and spectral density levels. Characterise linear systems by their Transfer, Coherence and Impulse Response functions.

SignalCalc Ace core functions include powerful FFT measurements, high dynamic range, and extensive analysis tools. Standard functions include full Engineering Units selection and conversion, Automatic Export, Professional Reports, easy data management with Signal Map, flexible display of results, cursor functions for detailed analysis, and an unsurpassed intuitive user interface.

Optional application modules extend the functionality to include real-time Octave and 1/3 Octave analysis, Sound Power and Intensity, RPM-based measurements, Order Tracking, MIMO and Stepped Sine testing, Balancing, SRS analysis, Demodulation, Rotordynamics analysis, multi-plane Balancing, Waterfall and Spectrogramme presentations, Throughput-to-Disk, Zoom and High-Resolution FFT analysis.

Simply load the software, connect the USB cable between Quattro and the PC and it is ready to begin measurement.

Download SignalCalc Ace Brochure and Quattro Data Sheets