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SignalCalc Balancing

SignalCalc Balancing

SignalCalc Balancing is a dedicated software package for balancing rotors and shafts in single plane, dual plane, or multiple planes. This elegant and easy to use solution provides users a solution for balancing rotors in any application.

  • Easy to follow wizard approach for balancing
  • Preset templates
  • Graphical representation of the system

Tailored to fit the need

SignalCalc Balancing is available in single plane, dual plane or multiple plane versions and can run with both the Quattro and Abacus based systems. Combined with the ultra-portable Quattro, the balancing system can be used by the field service technician. For handling demanding or unusual applications, the technician or engineer can utilize the full SignalCalc software suite for FFT analysis or throughput of data files. Throughput data can be post processed or sent to the parent office for analysis.

Powerful User Interface

The user interface for SignalCalc Balancing enables the user to simply load the setup and walk through the balancing routine by following the wizard. Users can choose to simply view a graphical representation of the balancing system or to view and examine measurement data. The balancing software includes preset balancing templates and users can pre-configure and save templates for quick and easy test setup.

Access the SignalCalc Balancing Datasheet