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SignalCalc Mobilyzer

Modular and Expandable Portable Dynamic Signal Analysis

SignalCalc Mobilyzer provides dynamic signal analysis capabilities in the lab or on the go with a portable and powerful package. With up to 32 inputs, plus 8 tachometer inputs per chassis, the Mobilyzer empowers the vibration analyst to get measure all necessary information with simultaneous sampling.

  • 8-32 input channels, 2-8 sources
  • 2-8 dedicated tachometer inputs
  • Up to 150 dB dynamic range
  • 49 kHz analysis bandwidth (97 kHz optional)
  • Intuitive software interface
  • Powerful multi-channel analysis and features

Powered by Abacus

SignalCalc Mobilyzer runs on the legendary Abacus dynamic signal analysis hardware, a compact network peripheral that brings the power of distributed DSP architecture to the field and laboratory. Abacus distributes the processing load to achieve high speed, high quality signal analysis, and interfaces to a notebook or desktop computer via a standard Ethernet connection. The Abacus chassis contains a Pentium CPU controlling multiple data acquisition and signal processing modules. The architecture is optimised for efficiency by dedicating a high speed DSP to each group of channels. This ensures that processing speed is maintained at the same high rate regardless of the number of channels in use.

With up to 32 input channels, 8 output channels, and 8 tachometer channels, it is able to address demanding applications. Delivering a realtime rate of 49kHz and over 120dB dynamic range, it is the analyzer that makes no compromises for realtime processing.

Comprehensive Measurements

The modular software allows you to select only those measurements you need from an extensive range covering general FFT analysis, data recording and playback analysis, environment testing, structural analysis, acoustics, machinery diagnostics and production/QC testing.

SignalCalc Mobilyzer core functions include powerful FFT measurements, high dynamic range, and extensive analysis tools. Standard functions include full Engineering Units selection and conversion, Automatic Export, Professional Reports, easy data management with Signal Map, flexible display of results, cursor functions for detailed analysis, and an unsurpassed intuitive user interface.

Optional application modules extend the functionality to include real-time Octave and 1/3 Octave analysis, Sound Power and Intensity, RPM-based measurements, Order Tracking, MIMO and Stepped Sine testing, Balancing, SRS analysis, Demodulation, Rotordynamics analysis, multi-plane Balancing, Waterfall and Spectrogramme presentations, and Throughput-to-Disk.

Modular and Expandable

Mobilyzer, the mid-range portable analyser in the SignalCalc family, can be configured from 4 to 32 input channels. You can also include up to 8 output channels (signal sources) and 8 tachometers for measuring 8 different shaft speeds. Multiple Mobilyzers can be connected together to accurately synchronise measurements across all chassis without sacrificing measurement bandwidth or phase matching.

Download SignalCalc Mobilyzer Brochure and Abacus Data Sheet.