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SignalCalc Savant

Catering to the Challenges of Large Channel Count Applications

SignalCalc Savant is a dynamic signal analyser that maintains realtime analysis, accurate cross channel measurement and recording rate performances for thousand channel systems. The distributed architecture further allows you to place data acquisition close to the measuring transducers thereby eliminating the error due to mismatched transducer cables.

  • 40 – 1024 input channels
  • Networked chassis with 1 Gigabit, Ethernet to host
  • 49 kHz analysis bandwidth (97 kHz optional)
  • Simultaneous sampling across all channels
  • Storage to disk
  • Intuitive software interface with features specific for high channel counts
  • Powerful multi-channel analysis and features

Powered by Abacus

SignalCalc Savant runs on the legendary Abacus dynamic signal analysis hardware, a compact network peripheral that brings the power of distributed DSP architecture to the field and laboratory. Abacus distributes the processing load to achieve high speed, high quality signal analysis, and interfaces to a notebook or desktop computer via a standard Ethernet connection. The Abacus chassis contains a Pentium CPU controlling multiple data acquisition and signal processing modules. The architecture is optimised for efficiency by dedicating a high speed DSP to each group of channels. This ensures that processing speed is maintained at the same high rate regardless of the number of channels in use.

With virtually unlimited channel count, the Savant is ideal for addressing challenging high channel input applications. Delivering a realtime rate of 49kHz, and over 120dB dynamic range, it is the analyser that makes no compromises for realtime processing.

Flexible and Scalable

The distributed network architecture of Abacus allows SignalCalc Savant to locate each chassis as much as 30 meters apart with a total measurement chain of 1000 meters. Savant delivers high precision results over a 120dB to 150dB dynamic range and brings superior DSP power to handle the challenges of signal analysis applications requiring large number of channels. Any SignalCalc Savant system may be upgraded in the field to add new hardware and software capabilities. Input and output channel count can expand without returning the module to the factory.

The architecture allows 8 channel boards to be combined to make 32 channel subsystems which in turn can be connected on a 1 Gigabit network to make a hundred or thousand channel system. The modularity allows a dynamics laboratory to use portable instruments of varying sizes which can be united to form a large channel count system for occasional use in larger applications. No matter what size of system you choose, Savant provides the same realtime bandwidth, the same high accuracy for cross channel measurements and the same gap free recording to disk during measurement.

Facilitating Large Applications

SignalCalc Savant is powered by Abacus, the modular DSPcentric signal analysis engine designed for high bandwidth and high precision. Savant incorporates the SignalCalc user interface acclaimed for its intuitive operation and ability to make the expert productive while allowing the novice to be comfortable. The data acquisition and signal analysis system is at the heart of large channel count applications. It needs to be able to acquire hundreds of channels of response transducers simultaneously while outputting multiple drive signals when external excitation to the structure is needed. It also requires sophisticated displays and automation features geared towards simplification of the data visualisation and analysis. Last but not least, it requires data exchange with other software applications to compare and validate analytical models.

Setting up measurements is made easy by the inclusion of a transducer database and TEDS support for automatic entry of transducer sensitivities. Overall data management is simplified by the SignalMap and effective data visualisation is achieved through the layout manager that provides unlimited personal display layouts.

Extensive Functionality

Savant features the SignalCalc user interface and analysis software packed with usability features. The extensive functionality of the SignalCalc user interface provides you with easy, flexible set-up, display, and networking. Control panels, where test set-up parameters can be quickly entered into pop-up dialogue boxes, can float or dock to a convenient location for easy access. Powerful graphics allow viewing of results with complete flexibility of screen organisation. The sizes, locations, contents, and formats of control panels and graphics are entirely up to you. To facilitate exchange of data in a global test environment, Savant exports measurements, waterfalls, and test parameters to popular third-party formats.

Comprehensive Measurements

Savant comes with the full suite of noise and vibration measurements you can expect from SignalCalc. Over the years, SignalCalc has grown to a comprehensive set of measurement types covering general FFT analysis, data recording and playback analysis, environmental testing, SRS analysis, structural analysis, acoustics, machinery diagnostics and reporting.

Download SignalCalc Savant Brochure and Abacus Data Sheet.