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SignalForce Shakers

SignalForce Vibration Test Systems (both air- and water-cooled) are available as turnkey vibration test systems that include: shaker tables, power amplifiers, slip tables, shaker head expanders, fixtures, and thermal barriers for environmental testing. Data Physics sales and support are adept at understanding user applications and providing properly configured test solutions to meet both current and future needs.

Choosing the Correct Shaker for a Testing Application

The graph below is a generic (frequency domain) performance envelope for any shaker, as defined by its maximum displacement, maximum velocity, and maximum force.

The first step in selecting an appropriate Shaker is to define the test profiles that are to be run (sine, random, shock, replication, etc.) and to gather dimensional information on the test article and fixtures that will need to be used (LxWxH and total mass). For any shaker, the added mass of the DUT and fixtures moves the performance envelope from the black line to wherever the blue line might be. Shaker sizing calculations are done to make sure all test profiles will fit within the envelope.

Download the Data Physics Shaker Selection Guide

Download the SignalForce Brochure

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Download the SignalForce Brochure

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