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SignalForce – Inertial and Modal Shakers

SignalForce – Inertial and Modal Shakers

The M series of modal shakers use linear bearings, in place of the more common suspension systems, to produce virtually zero axial stiffness and virtually zero mechanical damping. When combined with Data Physics’ linear amplifiers, operating in current mode, the resultant system force output will exhibit typically less than 1% electrical damping and the phase shift between drive current and force output will be typically less than 1°.

When large structures need to be tested, inertial shakers provide the ideal solution. The central spigot is attached to the structure under test and the body then provides the inertial mass. These shakers have found applications for testing buildings, floor loading resonances, ship’s decks for helicopter loading, squeaks and rattle testing in cars, geological exploration, helicopter rotor simulation and active vibration cancellation.

Inertial Shakers

Testing of large structures can often present considerable difficulties, so when the payload can’t be mounted on the shaker Data Physics can provide a shaker that can be mounted on the payload. Inertial shakers are fully enclosed, permanent magnet shakers that can be mounted on to structures at any angle – they are entirely self-supporting. Inertial shakers have found applications testing car chassis, building structures, ships’ flight decks, helicopters, submarines, geophysical surveys and vibration cancellation systems.

  • Force outputs from 30N to 250N
  • Tunable suspension to produce peak force at low resonant frequencies
  • Options for cooling by airline or by standard blowers

Modal Shakers

The Modal shaker series exhibits almost zero axial stiffness, while offering very high radial stiffness for stability. This performance combination is achieved through the use of a linear guidance bearing. There are 6 models of modal shakers with a total of 10 variants. Previous applications include the testing of airframes, space lab structures, automotive chassis, road surfacing materials and artificial limb joints.

  • Force outputs from 49N to 12
  • Bearing guidance
  • Virtually zero axial stiffness

Download SignalForce Datasheets in the Data Physics Library