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High Intensity Acoustic Test Capabilities

SignalSound High Intensity Acoustic Test Capabilities

Whether testing a spacecraft in a reverberant acoustic test facility (RATF) or a component in a progressive wave tube (PWT), the principals of operation are the same. Both types of facilities require a compressed flow of air or nitrogen, noise sources, test chambers, and acoustic control systems. Data Physics can offer both expertise and equipment for new facility development as well as repair and service of existing facilities.

For new facility development, Data Physics can act as a primary subcontractor on any RATF or PWT project. Capabilities include concept and preliminary design, supply of specialty equipment, design and construction meetings, startup activities, acceptance testing, training, and documentation.

High intensity acoustic test facilities represent a significant investment, and SignalSound services and support can help extend that investment. Trained technicians can repair noise sources, amplifiers, and cooling units, and existing test facilities can be upgraded with the latest acoustic controllers, dynamic signal measurement systems, noise sources, amplifiers, cooling units, and horns.

SignalSound Acoustic Power Generators

SignalSound Random Acoustic Controllers

SignalCalc Savant High Channel Count Dynamic Signal Analysers

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