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SignalStar Scalar

A Highly Evolved Shaker Control System

The SignalStar Scalar controller is designed as a capable and user friendly vibration controller suitable for small channel count applications. Scalar offers the same control quality as the high powered Vector because it shares the DSP architecture and control algorithms with SignalStar Vector and Matrix. Scalar can be configured to meet your current needs and later upgraded as your requirements increase.

  • 2 to 8 input channels
  • 24-bit ADC and DAC for 120 to 150 dB dynamic range
  • 32-bit floating point digital signal processors
  • Channel selectable IEPE/ICP power
  • Full suite of vibration control and analysis: sine, random, classical shock, transient shock, SRS shock, mixed mode (sine and random on random), time replication, and dynamic signal analysis
  • Capable of running via Ethernet or via the onboard CPU by connecting a keyboard, mouse, and monitor
  • Intuitive and simplified user interface

Optimized for Simplicity

Scalar is based on the acclaimed SignalStar intuitive graphical user interface but made simpler for the novice user by limiting the parameters to those essential to the control task. It gives you the best of both worlds. No other vibration controller compares with the combination of simplicity and powerful control in a package that costs so little.

SignalStar Scalar is designed with ease of use in mind. Each control application follows the same simple steps for test setup. Test parameters are organized in a single dialog that leads the user through setup of control parameters, reference profile, and input channels. The run schedule lists all automatic operations during the test such as level changes, dwell operations, data saves, and printing commands.

Tests can be run in a fully automatic mode or the user can manually modify test functions from the test control panel. The optional security feature allows passwords and permissions to be set for each user. Permissions can be set based on the experience level of the user. This enables Scalar to have the power and flexibility to run difficult tests, while retaining the ease of operation and safety required for novice users.

Powerful DSP Based System

SignalStar Scalar derives its capability from the acknowledged leader of vibration control, SignalStar Vector, incorporating the same powerful Abacus digital signal processing hardware and control algorithms. Scalar is offered in a basic configuration with only the most commonly needed features. Unlike most entry level controllers, Scalar can be configured with optional features that are usually offered only on the most advanced vibration controllers, making it easy to configure just the right system for your test and your budget. The ability to add software options in the future also protects your investment in Scalar as your testing needs grow.

Sophisticated Safety Features

Scalar provides extensive safety features to protect test equipment and the device under test. Its advanced realtime control algorithms and high signal to noise ratio guarantees that the controller will maintain proper testing levels by adapting quickly to dynamic structures. Expected peak displacement, velocity, and acceleration are compared to shaker limits prior to running the test. During Pretest, the system determines if the loop is open or closed for all control channels and reports if poor test conditions exist. The control signal is continuously compared against alarm and abort limits and, if the control signal drops out due to a dislodged accelerometer or broken cable, the system instantly aborts. The large external abort switch is connected directly to the control engine to ensure rapid safe shutdown under any circumstances.

Comprehensive Test Documentation

Each time a test is run, Scalar automatically documents every event that occurs to ensure that all information pertinent to the current run is saved. At the beginning of the test, if Run Notes are enabled, up to eight user defined prompts can be displayed requiring the operator to enter key test identification information such as name, date, or test item serial number. During the test, information such as date and time of start, operator interactions, and reason for test ending are automatically recorded in the Run Log. When a test ends, Scalar stores all signals to record ending conditions. In addition, all scheduled and operator selected data Saves are linked to the Run and its documentation. With complete documentation, you can be certain all relevant information is always available for review and reports. Customized reports can be created with your own templates for headers and footers, and can include graphics, such as your company logo.

Download SignalStar Datasheets in the Data Physics Library