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Data Physics is affiliated with various industry organizations and partners.

Vibration Institute Meetings
To meet a need in industry for individuals within a local area to meet and exchange ideas about their vibration problems, local chapters of the Vibration Institute were established in 1979. The first three chapters were organized in New Orleans, Chicago, and Houston. Today there are 34 chapters, with more coming on board regularly.

Each chapter has its own meeting schedule, some meet monthly, some quarterly, and some bimonthly. Typical meetings feature guest speakers and social activities. Training conferences are often presented. Certification examinations are given by various chapters throughout the year.

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Equipment Reliability Institute

ERI is a specialized engineering school that focuses on solving hardware reliability and durability problems. ERI offers engineering specialties at client facilities, at major cities and via distance learning. ERI specialists consult on specific problems. – Wayne Tustin, Founder

Training is intended to provide individuals with knowledge, skills and attitude needed to perform (or more effectively perform) a specific job. Not education that’s intended to make people well-rounded.

Formal training is needed when one or more people in an organization need new skills or knowledge and no colleague has the time or the skills to teach him.

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