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Legacy Products

Legacy Products

Data Physics has been supplying high performance solutions in signal processing since 1984 with a popular line of SignalCalc and SignalStar products. The SignalCalc analysers below are legacy products from the past.

SignalCalc 350

SignalCalc 350 is a low-cost Vibration Controller that provides the basic modes of vibration testing: Random, Sine, and Classical Shock as well as FFT Analysis. SignalCalc 350 is composed of modular hardware that fits inside a computer.

SignalCalc 430

Its large measurement set and application software make SignalCalc 430 the most versatile analyser for field applications of noise and vibration testing.

SignalCalc 550

SignalCalc 550 combines powerful DSP hardware that resides in your PC with an advanced and intuitive graphical interface. SignalCalc 550 satisfies all modes of vibration testing.

SignalCalc 620 VXI

SignalCalc 620 Dynamic Signal Analyser unites high-speed industry standard HP VXI digital signal processing hardware with the highly acclaimed Data Physics measurement, analysis and user interface software. The result is a superior measuring instrument with intuitive operation.

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