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Vibration Testing of NASA’s Orion Spacecraft

The relaunching of America’s manned space exploration program begins here, with vibration testing at NASA’s Space Power Facility, located in Sandusky, Ohio. NASA trusted Team Corporation to help create the world’s most powerful MDOF mechanical vibration test system which will be used for extreme testing of the Orion spacecraft. Vibration testing of the Orion service module has begun and will continue through the end of summer! After 9 years of development, the testing of mission hardware is a major milestone in Team’s storied history.

Mechanical Vibration Facility (MVF) Highlights:

  • 75,000 lbs. max test article mass
  • 77 ft. test article height
  • 4,650,000 lbs. seismic mass
  • Frequency performance from 5-150 Hz.
  • Maximum vertical static force 720,000 lbs.

Team MVF at NASA Plum Brook

The MVF is controlled by a Data Physics Matrix Multi-Shaker Vibration Controller.

Data Physics Matrix Multi-Shaker Vibration Controller