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Training Courses with Abtronix in The Netherlands on April 16-18, 2013

Using Data Physics products, Abtronix B.V. in The Netherlands provides periodic courses regarding vibration technology. See the Abtronix Services page for more information.

On April 16-17, 2013, ABtronix will organize a two-day course:
“Introduction to Vibration”.

On April 18, 2003, Abtronix will organize a one-day extra course:
“Fixtures, Software, and Specifications”.

The “Introduction to Vibration” course aims to give more insight knowledge to the attendees in:

  • Testing with a shaker system
  • Dealing with several kind of tests
  • Reading the theoretical test and the implementation of the test
  • The pros and cons of a fixture

The one-day “Fixtures, Software and Specifications for Vibration” course aims to give more insight knowledge to the attendees in:

  • Developing and modeling fixtures and working with fixtures
  • The pro and cons of fixtures
  • Explanation of things like cross axial stiffness, over-turning moment and center of gravitation (CoG)
  • The sense and non-sense about specifications
  • Dealing with different kind of tests: Sine, Random, Classical Shock, Resonance Search Track & Dwell (RSTD), Sine on Random (SoR), Random on Random (RoR), Shock Response Spectrum (SRS).
  • Reading a theoretical test and the practical use of it

If you and/or one or more of your colleagues would like to attend this course, you can submit your
registration at ABtronix using fax number +31 76 5968888 or by e-mail:

Abtronix Training

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