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Automotive and Commercial Vehicles

Today’s marketplace demands that manufacturers supply cars, motorbikes, trucks, buses, and other vehicles that are safe, high quality, fuel efficient, durable, and cost-effective. Automotive manufacturers are not only in a race to create new designs and models at a rapid pace, they are constantly under pressure to produce vehicles that have durability and NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness) qualities that are competitive in the marketplace. Data Physics assists in this process.

The automotive and commercial vehicles industry applies electrical, mechanic, and safety engineering in its manufacturing. Data Physics has worked with leading car makers for decades to improve the product engineering progression.

Dynamic Measurement in the Automotive Industry

Dynamic signal analyzers are the tools most commonly used for NVH, acoustic test, structural test, and rotating signal analysis. Consequently, SignalCalc Dynamic Signal Analyzers are common tools found in both development and manufacturing of vehicles.

Nearly every automotive OEM uses the SignalCalc Ace Dynamic Signal Analyzer (on Quattro) in one respect or another. The Quattro is an ultra-portable PC based analyzer platform. It is an easy to use analysis tool for low input structural tests, quick in-vehicle measurements, test validation, and troubleshooting. The system is an ideal replacement for cumbersome bench top analyzers such as the popular HP/Agilent 35670A analyzer.

Vibration Testing in the Automotive Industry

Vibration testing for qualification, product verification, and R&D are not only beneficial for the reliability of products, but often required of component manufacturers by vehicle OEMs. Data Physics offers a full array of vibration test systems for durability test and vibration test. Whether the application is with combined thermal testing or on a standalone shaker, SignalForce Electrodynamic Shakers and SignalStar Vibration Controllers used together are the vibration test system of choice for many automotive and vehicle industry leaders.

Although Random vibration testing has many advantages, the majority of durability tests for ground vehicles are done with multishaker time replication. Hydraulic and electrodynamic multishaker tests are common to reproduce the desired degrees of freedom. Whether it is full 6 DOF control or something less, the SignalStar Matrix Controller is designed for to handle multishaker control for time replication, realtime random control, and realtime swept sine control.

Specifically for swept sine testing, Data Physics offers a time saving approach by simultaneously sweeping multiple sine tones across the desired frequency range. This simultaneous sine tone sweep reduces the time required to excite all of the frequencies in the range. This technique has recently been approved for use by a consortium of German automobile manufacturers including Daimler, BMW, Volkswagen, Porsche, and Audi. True swept Multi Frequency Sine Control is another unique capability provided by Data Physics.

Data Physics has custom developed control systems used for rotating harmonic vibration control. Often used with Team Corporation 901 Vibration Systems, the SignalStar Engine Simulator Controller provides true multi frequency control of harmonics impose on the engine simulation process for testing of powertrain rotating components. Learn more about the SignalStar Engine Simulator Controller.