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Power Generation and Turbomachinery

Power Generation and Turbomachinery

Power generation, or electricity generation, involves processing electricity from other types of energy. Turbomachinery, in turbines and compressors, entails the distribution of energy between a rotor and a fluid. Turbomachinery can take the form of pumps, fans, turbines, propellers, windmills, and even jet engines.

Vibration analysis of turbomachinery often requires sophisticated data acquisition hardware and advanced measurement and analysis software functions, rotational phase detection, tachometer measurements, tracking filters, and a wide array of time and frequency domain graphical presentations.

The SignalCalc Turbo Rotor Dynamics Analyzer is an advanced rotating machinery diagnostic and analyzer tool. Turbo has elegant data management utilities that allow users to choose how often measurements are stored. Acquisition can be paced by time interval or speed changes to accurately characterize plant vibration under any operating condition. Explore the features of SignalCalc Turbo.

In addition to rotor dynamics many other vibration and structural problems can occur in power plants. One of the more troublesome problems is excess vibration in pipes and piping systems. Learn more about piping analysis and modal analysis.