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Rotating Equipment Manufacturer

Manufacturers are almost always concerned with machinery vibration, or the noise and vibration performance of rotating equipment. Whether that machine is an appliance, hand tool, machine tool, pump, or compressor, the vibration qualities of the machine make it more or less competitive in the marketplace. Consequently many manufacturers of rotating equipment place a high priority on reducing noise and vibration of the product, as well as survivability of the product during shipment use.

Data Physics SignalCalc family of analyzers provides tools for engineers to evaluate rotating machinery dynamics as they relate to the speed of the machine. These measurements often have a strong influence on the perceived performance and design characteristics of the equipment.

Additionally, manufacturers of rotating machinery routinely perform vibration analysis as part of end-of-line testing or benchmark testing. This analysis and supporting data may even be part of delivery of a large system such as a turbine or generator. For these large systems, performance testing in the factory or at the customer installation and troubleshooting for fault analysis can be easily handled with a single platform. Whether performing spot checking on a batch of product or 100% quality testing, SignalCalc Dynamic Signal Analyzers provides solutions to meet rotating machinery analysis needs. For large turbomachinery applications, field engineers involved with warranty issues and service contracts at customer sites can always benefit from understanding in more detail the rotor dynamics of the turbine, generator, motor, pump, gearbox, or compressor in question. SignalCalc Turbo comes in a modular, portable package and provides an excellent platform for measuring and evaluating vibration characteristics of fluid-film bearing machines fitted with proximity probes. Well-suited for extended duration tests and with unlimited expandability, SignalCalc Turbo also provides rotating machinery design engineers with the complete, accurate vibration measurements they need to validate machinery design and performance on the high-speed test stand as well as in the field.

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