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SignalCalc Dynamic Signal Analyzers

Wherever Signal Analysis takes you…

Data Physics SignalCalc Dynamic Signal Analyzers provide highly accurate measurements in the time, frequency, amplitude, and order domains. You can choose a range of vibration analyzers or hardware platforms from the pocket-sized ACE to the new Abacus combined with your preferred computer platform to configure a state-of-the-art solution for any dynamic signal analysis application. SignalCalc Dynamic Signal Analyzers offer connectivity across networks and applications, consistency of the intuitive user interface design across all products, and compatibility of data and results with industry standards ensuring efficient interchange with other popular design and analysis programs.

Download SignalCalc Datasheets in the Data Physics Library

900 Series Dynamic Signal Analyzers - Data Physics Corporation900 Series

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SignalCalc Ace with QuattroAce

Ulta-portable and powerful 2-4 channel analyzer powered by the Quattro hardware platform.

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Signalcalc MobilyzerMobilyzer

Powerful, portable, and scalable dynamic signal analyzer configurable from 4-32 input channels in single Abacus chassis.

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SignalCalc SavantSavant

Configured for over 32 channels of input on Abacus, the Savant can have over 1024 channels accurately phase matched.

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SignalCalc Turbo SoftwareTurbo

Portable and high-end tools that are setting the new standard for turbomachinery vibration analysis.

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SignalCalc Drop TestSignalCalc Drop Test

Dedicated purpose driven software for repetitive, repeatable drop and shock testing.

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SignalCalc BalancingSignalCalc Balancing

Dedicated, purpose driven software package for single, dual, or multiple plane balancing.

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SignalCalc SoftwareSignalCalc Software

Whether using an Ace, Mobilyzer or Savant, SignalCalc software has a common look and feel to the user interface.

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