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SignalCalc Drop Test

SignalCalc Drop Test

SignalCalc Drop Test provides a comprehensive and easy to use package for applications such as product fragility assessment, prototype testing and cushion evaluation. Designed for day-to-day use of testing on drop test machines, repetitive pneumatic shock machines, and repetitive impact machines, SignalCalc Drop Test takes the guesswork out of test setup and reporting.

  • Fairing/filtering
  • Limit and tolerance checking
  • Resultant vector calculation
  • SRS analyzer with optional SRS calculation and SRS limit checking
  • Intuitive and straight forward user interface
  • Automated reporting

Cost Effective and Expandable

The SignalCalc Drop Test software package is available for both the Quattro and Abacus based analyzer packages. Used with the Quattro it provides an extremely cost effective and powerful 2-4 input drop test analyzer. For advanced applications, the system can be combined to the Abacus hardware for scalability over 1000 input channels.

Access the SignalCalc Dynamic Signal Analyzer Literature and the SignalCalc Drop Test Application Data Sheet