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SignalCalc Software

SignalCalc Software

Signal analysis systems are invaluable when measuring and assessing the vibration and acoustic environments of various components used in industries such as automotive, aerospace, civil engineering, petrochemical, and electronics. The process entails monitoring signals produced by specialized testing equipment to determine patterns and vibration levels at various testing parameters. Highly intuitive software can provide enhanced analytical capabilities and help to deliver more accurate results.

Data Physics, a leading provider of high-performance signal processing solutions for more than 35 years, is pleased to offer SignalCalc, our dynamic signal analyzer product. SignalCalc is capable of acquiring vibration signals based on predetermined parameters such as vibration level, recording length and intervals, and frequency bandwidth. It can then translate the data into useable information when assessing components.

A Signal Analyzer With a Host of Valuable Features

Whether using an Ace, Mobilyzer, or Savant, SignalCalc software has a common look and feel to the user interface. SignalCalc is legendary for providing a mix of powerful features combined with ease of use. The large range of measurement and analysis software solutions cater to every application in dynamic signal analysis. The modularity allows you to configure a system with only the software required for your application – optimum performance for minimum investment.

The wide range of application coverage includes general FFT analysis, structural dynamics testing and modal testing, rotating machinery analysis, acoustic testing, shock testing, correlation and piping analysis, hard disk drive rotational vibration, and environmental (vibration testing) data reduction and monitoring.

The standard measurement capability provided with every SignalCalc analyzer enables users to attack basic dynamics testing out of the box.  Features such as automated realtime data export and active report generation with MS Word make the final test results very accessible.

Dedicated standalone software is also available for balancing, drop test, and turbomachinery analysis.

Data Recording and Playback Analysis

Simultaneous data recording enables gap free recording of time waveforms while performing realtime signal analysis.  Either streaming to the host PC or to the local Abacus disk, throughput to disk is a powerful tool for post analysis and backup of data.  Data can be post processed with any available software processing capability or exported for more specialized analysis or archiving.  Space is only limited by the amount of hard disk drive storage available. Playback analysis is also available without the presence of the hardware with DSA standalone analysis software.

The optional Event Capture software is designed to automatically start recording based on one or multiple trigger events from any input channel.  This powerful capability utilizes cyclic recording to allow sophisticated pre-trigger capture to analyze signals prior to the trigger event. Acquiring data for tricky failure analysis or root cause analysis can be made easy with Event Capture.

SignalCalc Software - Data Physics Corporation

What Mechanical Issues Can a Signal Analyzer Help to Prevent?

SignalCalc software can help to detect defects and other potential problems that could cause any of the following:

  • An imbalance that could lead to premature wear and shorten a product’s life span
  • Bearing failures that can result from fatigue, distorted components, improper fitting, misalignment, or insufficient internal clearance
  • Electrical motor faults that could lead to equipment failure during periods of heavy use in high-production environments
  • Mechanical looseness causing a wide range of operational issues and potentially damaging the equipment
  • Gearbox failures that could negatively impact torque output when operating heavy machinery
  • The potential for cavitation, which can lead to the formation of small bubbles that may cause issues such as excess vibration, noise, and mechanical damage
  • Failure of equipment to achieve critical speeds during operation

Which Industries Can Benefit From Vibration Analyzer Software?

At Data Physics, we put our years of experience to work to provide the most innovative signal analyzer solutions for industries such as:

Why Choose Data Physics?

At Data Physics, we’re engineers just like you. We understand what you need a dynamic signal analyzer to do during the crucial component testing process. Regardless of your application or industry, we’re able to design and manufacture a custom signal analyzer solution that benefits your organization by delivering reliable, consistent results.

Data Physics also makes quality a top priority. As an ISO 9001-certified company, we’ve implemented advanced quality management systems that meet every customer’s and stakeholder’s needs while ensuring compliance with today’s increasingly stringent regulatory requirements.

What’s more, our systems offer a comprehensive hardware and software platform for signal analysis, streamlining the process and leading to consistent, repeatable results. Our expert staff is always available to help you with implementation and integration with your existing systems and platforms.

Contact Us to Learn More About Our Dynamic Signal Analyzer Software

Discover how SignalCalc signal analyzer software from Data Physics can take your vibration testing processes to a higher level and improve the quality of your components. Contact us today for additional product information.