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SignalSound High Intensity and Underwater Acoustics

SignalSound High Intensity and Underwater Acoustics

The SignalSound family encompasses both products and services for specialized, high intensity acoustic tests and underwater acoustic tests.

High intensity acoustic tests are most often performed in a reverberant acoustic test facility (RATF) or a progressive wave tube (PWT). The test facilities are used to generate very high sound pressure levels for testing aerospace components. Rocket and aircraft noise can damage aerospace structures and components. Acoustic excitation cannot generally be simulated using electrodynamic or hydraulic shakers, and engineers rely on RATFs and PWTs to generate the proper acoustic excitation.

Learn more about SignalSound High Intensity Acoustic Test Capabilities.

SignalSound underwater acoustic test systems focus on a variety of underwater applications including sonar range calibration, ship signature generation and mine detonation. Underwater noise sources can generate the acoustic signature normally associated with submarines or surface targets.

Learn more about SignalSound Underwater Acoustics Test Capabilities.

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