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SignalSound Acoustic Power Generators

SignalSound Acoustic Power Generators

Data Physics offers Acoustic Power Generators to cover both low and high frequency use. These acoustic power generators, or APGs, are often called electropneumatic transducers or EPTs.

The SignalForce model for high frequency noise generation, model LE-APG-10K, produces 10 kW of acoustic power with a gas flow of 1500 scfm. The spectrum from the APG-10K can be shaped and controlled in 1/3 octave bands up to the 1.25 kHz band, and acoustic power is produced above 1.25 kHz through the useful distortion of the power in the lower-frequency bands. The APG-10K is fully compatible with the older Ling Electronics EPT-200 design. A lower-frequency acoustic power generator, the APG-10K (LF), is available with direct control of the spectrum through the 200 Hz 1/3 octave band.

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