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SignalStar Vibration Controllers

All SignalStar vibration controllers, vibration control systems, or vibrating controllers combine Data Physics innovative control algorithms with Data Physics powerful distributed DSP hardware in an integrated solution. Software and hardware are specifically designed to work together to provide the fastest loop speeds and stable control on both electrodynamic and hydraulic shakers.

Data Physics SignalStar Vibration Controllers remain the industry standard in vibration control.  SignalStar vibration controllers combine the power of the Abacus distributed DSP architecture and the acclaimed Data Physics control algorithms delivering uncompromised control performance with greater than 120 dB of dynamic range, control frequency ranges of up to 20 kHz and up to 1000 channels.

Three Vibration Controllers. Infinite Testing Possibilities.

The SignalStar family of vibration control systems provides a complete solution for all of your vibration controller and vibration testing needs. From the entry level Scalar to the high channel count multishaker Matrix system, SignalStar control systems provide the highest level of vibration control performance. With three systems to choose from, Data Physics has the right vibration controller for your laboratory.

Download SignalStar Datasheets in the Data Physics Library

Data Physics 901 Vibration Controller and Signal Analysis System.900 Series

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SignalStar ScalarScalar

A flexible entry-level vibration controller with up to 8 input channels on Abacus Lite.

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SignalStar VectorVector

Industry leading vibration controller configurable from 4 to 32 inputs on a single Abacus chassis

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SignalStar MatrixMatrix

Single shaker or multishaker control for demanding applications up to 1024 input channels using Abacus.

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SignalStar Engine Simulator ControllerEngine Simulator Controller

Torsional vibration control of multiple harmonics working with the Abacus platform

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