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SignalStar Matrix

Redefining the Boundaries of Vibration Control SignalStar Matrix sets the standard for control performance in multi shaker applications. Matrix provides both multishaker vibration control and high channel count single shaker vibration control on the DSP centric Abacus signal processing platform.

  • Multishaker vibration control, 2 to 16 shakers
  • Multiple and single shaker vibration control, 40 to 1024 input channels
  • 24-bit ADC and DAC with 120 to 150 dB dynamic range
  • Optional local throughput disk
  • Full suite of application software with an intuitive interface

Acclaimed Data Physics Algorithms

SignalStar Matrix Vibration Controller unites the all new Abacus DSPcentric hardware platform with the highly acclaimed Data Physics vibration control software to produce a complete and fully integrated solution redefining the boundaries of vibration testing. The intuitive user interface makes it easy to setup and run the most sophisticated vibration tests to the top specifications in the Industry.

SignalStar Matrix is the preferred vibration controller for high end multi shaker control applications. Matrix provides coupled and uncoupled multi shaker control for up to 16 shakers. In single shaker applications, Matrix supports up to 1024 input channels which can all be used in any combination of control and limit channels.

Modular, Expandable, Digital Signal Processing System

Abacus distributed DSP architecture provides unlimited expansion possibilities. Multiple 32 channel Abacus chassis are connected to the host PC through a Gigabit network switch. Synchronization cables between Abacus chassis ensures excellent phase match between channels in the system.

Abacus also provides software selectable single ended and differential inputs to eliminate common mode noise associated with ground loop problems. IEPE/ICP power for transducers can be selected in the software and also supports TEDS Smart transducers.

The Abacus distributed digital signal processor hardware architecture is ideal for vibration control applications, where DSP speed is essential for realtime control. A 32-bit floating point digital signal processor on each module supports up to 8 input channels and 2 output channels and ensures sufficient control processing power with additional input channels. A local throughput disk in each 32 channel Abacus chassis means that time data can be streamed gap-free to disk during control at 107 kHz on all channels, regardless of the number of channels or the number of Abacus chassis.

Multishaker Vibration Control

The real vibration environment for a structure is complex with multiple excitation sources. Using SignalStar Matrix, it is now possible to perform more precise and realistic testing than ever before, using multiple shakers to simulate the complex environment. Matrix addresses the complete range of multi shaker test requirements, from IEEE 344 multi axis seismic testing to 6 DOF time data replication testing. Matrix uses continuous control to adapt to the dynamics of the system under test. Compensating the cross coupled dynamic responses of the multiple inputs simultaneously yields high control accuracy. Matrix offers independent reference definition of each control point with defined phase and coherence between control points. Matrix offers control capability for all multishaker scenarios from automotive durability testing to advanced spacecraft testing.

Multi Shaker Single Axis

Large products, particularly those that are physically long such as space vehicles, may require more complex testing where more than one shaker is used to provide controlled vibration at different points of the structure. This can involve the control of the individual vibration profiles and of the phase relationships between them.

Multi Shaker Multi Axis (Table)

Components and substructures can be tested on specially designed shaker tables with motion in many degrees of freedom. Seismic qualification tests are performed by mounting a test item to a large multi axis shaker table. Automotive subassemblies are often tested on smaller multi axis tables.

Multi Shaker Multi Axis (Direct)

Entire automobiles, aircraft, turbomachinery and other large structures are subjected to the simultaneous excitation of multiple shakers, each directly attached to a point of environmental load input. This provides a realistic simulation of the operational loading under laboratory control. Motion Replication, such as road simulation, is often performed in this configuration.

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Download SignalStar Datasheets in the Data Physics Library