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SignalCalc Turbo Gains Traction with Global Turbomachinery Manufacturers

SignalCalc Turbo, the advanced, portable, turbomachinery vibration analyzer from Data Physics, continues to gain acceptance with global turbomachinery manufacturers as the standard for rotating machinery vibration analysis. Measurement and analysis of vibration is a cost-effective, non-destructive method of evaluating machinery condition and diagnosing the possible development of failure conditions. The slate of global turbomachinery manufacturers adopting the SignalCalc Turbo vibration analyzer includes makers of steam and gas turbines, generators, electric motors, and centrifugal pumps headquartered in the USA, Europe, India, and Asia.

This ongoing trend can be attributed to SignalCalc Turbo’s versatility and advanced capability for in-situ machinery diagnostics, as well as to ease-of-use and convenient features for application in the factory test environment. In order to better serve their customers, turbomachinery manufacturer field service organizations today require advanced vibration analysis capability. SignalCalc Turbo provides field engineers with the ability to efficiently measure and analyze transient and steady state vibration data on their installed base of machinery at customer sites in the Power Generation and Oil & Gas industries. In the test cell environment, turbomachinery manufacturers require vibration analysis instrumentation that is both accurate and easy to use for measurement and documentation of machinery vibration. SignalCalc Turbo provides the straightforward user interface and streamlined reporting capability preferred by test cell managers. Turbo is also equipped with in-house calibration capabilities. A useful tool for design engineers, SignalCalc Turbo brings special utilities for validation of unbalance response rotor models.

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