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SignalCalc Turbo Software Update Released – Version 1.5.179

San Jose, CA – October 17, 2013 – Data Physics Corporation has announced availability of the latest release of SignalCalc Turbo software. SignalCalc Turbo is an advanced, portable turbomachinery vibration analyzer that provides rotating machinery professionals with in-depth vibration analysis tools for troubleshooting machinery in the field, as well as efficient reporting features ideal for the factory test environment. With advanced analysis capability and a straightforward, easy to user interface, SignalCalc Turbo continues to gain acceptance with global turbomachinery manufacturers, industrial end-users, and consultants as the standard for advanced, portable rotating machinery vibration analysis.

The latest version of SignalCalc Turbo, version 1.5.179, contains a significant number of new features and improvements. These enhancements include:

  • Improved high speed measurements:  Accuracy and performance of measurements made at high machine speeds have been improved to accommodate users operating machinery at higher speeds than traditional turbomachinery.
  • Addition & subtraction: Add or subtract vector and waveform samples from within the same or different runs. This is useful for validation of unbalance response rotor models and compensation of various measurements for factors such as thermal growth.
  • Process variable measurement:  Static channels can be configured based on proportional DC voltage signals. The software can handle signals both with and without a voltage offset.
  • Sample number increase:  The maximum number of Vector samples per run has been increased to 10,000. The user has the option of starting a new run automatically upon reaching the limit, and successive runs can be combined into a single, contiguous data set for analysis.
  • “Smart” Default settings:  Default settings have been improved to allow the user to start a new test with minimal configuration required.

This SignalCalc Turbo software update is available free of charge to all current customers that are under warranty or support, and the software is provided as part of any future SignalCalc Turbo analyzer purchases.

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SignalCalc Turbo Software Update Released - Version 1.5.179