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SignalStar Matrix Vibration Controller Tackles the Advanced Needs of Aerospace Testing

Data Physics Corporation recently installed a SignalStar Matrix multishaker vibration controller for use in the testing of missiles at a U.S. west coast Navy test and evaluation facility. The Navy uses the Matrix multishaker vibration controller in several, single and multiple shaker configurations. Some applications use a single Data Physics SignalForce electrodynamic shaker with the Matrix vibration controller and some use two SignalForce electrodynamic shakers to test a missile in a single degree of freedom.  Yet other applications use electrodynamic and hydraulic shakers in combination to test missiles in up to six degrees of freedom. There is even one application that combines two six degree of freedom hydraulic shaker systems to test a missile in its container to produce defined linear or rotational motion. What is common to all these applications is the ability of the SignalStar Matrix controller to drive these multiple shaker configurations, producing precise motion in specified degrees of freedom.

Shock and vibration testing is used to test products in simulated real world environments. Most vehicles, vehicle components, and consumer electronics undergo some type of vibration testing in the design and validation cycle.  Critical components, such as those typically tested in the aerospace and defense industries, often also undergo shock and vibration screening as part of the manufacturing process. Vibration testing on missiles and missile canisters is critically important because of the potential for accidental detonation during transportation.

A difficulty with performing multishaker testing has been vibration control of the shaker systems for random, sine and shock test types. The SignalStar Matrix controller has proven to be capable of operating most multishaker arrangements producing accurate control in many commercial and government aerospace applications.  For instance, when used to control two six degree of freedom actuator systems on a common large test article, the actuators can be controlled to one, two or three directions of translation while constraining the rotational degrees of freedom. Realtime vibration control of this shaker configuration to random, sine, and shock profiles is a unique feat that truly demonstrates the capabilities of SignalStar Matrix.

The U.S. Navy now uses SignalStar Matrix vibration controller and analysis systems at several large test facilities and joins other advanced users, such as NASA. The Matrix is designed to meet the demanding requirements of advanced testing and evaluation, and provides a single solution for both multishaker and single shaker control.

SignalStar Matrix Vibration Controller Tackles the Advanced Needs of Aerospace Testing

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