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Signal Analyzer and Controller Software Releases
April 2018 – New Features and Benefits Summary


900 Series Version 1.2

  • $variables added
    Both Controller and Analyzer applications support display of $variables in any plot
  • Graph data copy and paste
    Graph data (including Waterfall data) can be copied from the Active Trace and pasted into applications like Excel, preserving format, scaling, engineering units, and weighting

900 Series Analyzer Version 1.2

  • Throughput Recording and Playback Analysis controls added to Test Manager
    Allows user to control Throughput Recording and Playback analysis directly from the Test Manager interface
  • Revised Measurement Control Panel
    Key test parameters can now be conveniently modified directly from the Control Panel
  • MIMO Transfer Function
    Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) Transfer Function capability added for modal testing with multiple drive signals

900 Series Controller Version 1.2

  • Smart safety checks during startup
    Safety checks on ramp-up drive voltage and control level during Sine testing
  • Higher number of input channels
    Up to 35 inputs supported with the 906 chassis
  • SRS Control
    Shock Response Spectrum control now available to support complex vibration simulations such as for earthquake and pyrotechnic shock testing

700 and 200 Series Analyzer Version 5.1

  • Automatic export of Throughput recordings
    Throughput recording data can be automatically exported to MATLAB upon ending a measurement or when transferring data to a PC
  • Export of tach signal
    Tach signal timing can now be exported to Ascii format

700 Series Controller (Scalar, Vector, and Matrix) Version 2.6

  • New fast shut down triggering and improved ramp down
    Safety features to ramp down a test quickly and safely given an externally triggered test abort
  • Monitoring of test levels after a shutdown is initiated during Sine testing (Scalar Controller)
    Enables capture of valuable measurements in case any levels increase after shutdown is initiated
  • Faster, customizable tracking filter update time
    Faster tracking filter response during low frequency sine sweeps, useful for testing of sensitive test articles where reaction time is critical
  • New limiting algorithm for multi-shaker Random and Sine tests (Matrix Controller)
    Intelligently downscales drive levels independently when a limit is reached
  • Ramping of drive phase changes added to multi-shaker Sine testing (Matrix Controller)
    Smoother actuator response to phase changes