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Video: Data Physics SignalStar Matrix Runs Six Degree of Freedom Seismic Tests at Morgan State

Last September, Morgan State University commissioned a biaxial seismic vibration test system at their $67-million Center for the Built Environment of Infrastructure Studies, or CBEIS (see SignalStar Matrix Vibration Controller Runs Seismic Tests at Morgan State University). However in early 2013 Morgan State University upgraded their shaker table and controller to a six degree of freedom system. There are a total of six actuators, three in the Z axis, two in the X axis, and one in the Y axis. This earthquake simulator is capable of shaking 23,000 pounds of test articles and producing seismic activity up to 9.0 on the Richter scale.

Along with upgrading the table, the SignalStar Matrix Vibration Controller was upgraded to 24 input channels with six degree of freedom control capability. It includes Matrix software capable of controlling six shakers with sine, random, classical shock, transient, SRS synthesis and control, time waveform replication, and mixed mode. This full featured controller is typical of those used for multishaker testing.

This table is capable of producing vibration in all six degrees of freedom (three translations and three rotations). However, most seismic specifications require the table to produce only translation from one to three axes. For this type of test, the Matrix controller must control all six degrees of freedom, including controlling the three rotational degrees of freedom to zero.

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