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Webinar: Introduction to the New Data Physics 900 Series Analyzer on Wed, Dec 9

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Introduction to the New Data Physics 900 Series Dynamic Signal Analyzer
Wednesday, December 9, 2015. 10am (Pacific Time, USA).

  • New Abacus 900 Series Hardware
    • Modular, expandable systems that can be used individually or combined for tests requiring more channels.
      • Model 901 – Six channels
      • Model 906 – up to 36 channels
    • Distributed Realtime Signal Processing
    • Channels can be user-configured as inputs, outputs or tachometers
  • New SignalCalc 930 Software
    • Overview
      • Relational Database for management of tests and data
      • Enhanced user interface to simplify testing
    • Data Recording and Playback Analysis
    • Programmable Realtime Signal Processing
    • Programmable Signal Generator
    • Multiple Simultaneous Realtime Measurements
  • Q&A

Kalyan Vitta has a background in Modal Analysis, Rotating Machinery Diagnostics and Closed Loop Vibration control. He has 15 years of experience and a Master’s degree in Modal Analysis from the University of Cincinnati.

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