SignalCalc Turbo

Advanced Solution for Turbomachinery Vibration Analysis

SignalCalc Turbo brings advanced turbomachinery measurement and analysis capability to rotating machinery engineers and consultants in a portable, modular package.  Designed for application in the test stand environment as well as on the machine deck, SignalCalc Turbo provides the necessary measurements to accurately document vibration characteristics and analyze machinery vibration and rotating machinery behavior.

Comprehensive Application Coverage

SignalCalc Turbo can be applied for measurement and analysis of vibration on all types of rotating machinery including motors, generators, compressors, turbines, fans, blowers, pumps, gearboxes, centrifuges, pulverizers, and mixers.

Comprehensive Analysis, Straightforward Interface

SignalCalc Turbo’ advanced diagnostic capabilities include special accommodation for key measurements on fluid-film bearing machines.  Powerful, yet simple to use, SignalCalc Turbo’s straightforward setup enables the rotating machinery analyst to begin capturing data and displaying results within minutes.  In addition to custom user-layouts, a full suite of standard data presentation layouts are available to the user live during measurement and post-test, with minimal configuration required to begin analysis.

Integrated Measurement, Recording, and Playback

To accommodate transient startup and shutdown events as well as extended duration tests, SignalCalc Turbo users have full control over how measurements are initiated, captured, and stored. Raw data can also be streamed to disk with the throughput to disk option, guaranteeing continuous, gap-free recording and playback of all input channels.

Ultra-Portable, Modular, Expandable

Built on Data Physics’ legendary hardware platforms, SignalCalc Turbo provides the user with a choice of analyzer hardware to suit the test situation:

With the optional calibration software and a traceable DVM, hardware can be calibrated by the user in-house to generate calibration certificates as needed to satisfy test requirements.

Advanced Features

Accurate diagnosis of unbalance, misalignment, rubs, mechanical looseness, and many other turbomachinery malfunctions is not always as simple as looking up a symptom on a chart. Careful measurement and interpretation of subtle characteristics are often required to correctly isolate and diagnose root cause. SignalCalc Turbo brings a wealth of advanced features to the most discerning analysts to support accurate determination of machine condition:

With SignalCalc Turbo, machinery diagnostics experts receive both the advanced capability and straightforward user interface they have come to expect in a turbomachinery vibration analyzer. Download the SignalCalc Turbo Brochure.

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